Rhode Island Divorce Mediation Organization- What People are Saying

 "An ordinary divorce that might drag on for months and cost each spouse $10,000, can sometimes be worked out with a mediator in three sessions for as little as $750."   - Wall Street Journal of May 14, 2004

"Finally -- a realistic and balanced approach to getting divorced without costly court battles. "  - Gary Friedman, author of
A Guide to Divorce Mediation

"I contacted the Rhode Island Divorce Mediation Organization who helped take over my child custody case after over a year with another attorney. The opposing counsel had managed to have the case set back numerous times. They were able to stop us from going to trial, and the mediator gained more for me in the case than the previous attorney I had retained. He handled the case wonderfully, giving me reassurance when needed. I cannot express my gratitude enough to Wendy and everyone there."  - J Richardson, Warwick RI

"I was surprised how smoothly the process went.  They handled all the paperwork and helped me prepare for and know what to expect. I am so glad I changed from a private attorney to mediation."      - M. D'Orosko Providence RI              

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