Rhode Island Divorce Mediation - Questions & Answers

What is 'Divorce Mediation' ?

Mediation is a process that involves a mediator, that is a neutral third party who helps the disputing parties achieve a resolution that satisfies both of them. A Rhode Island Divorce Mediator's primary function is to create communication between parties and provide a forum where disagreements can turn into a  mutually satisfactory agreement. Mediators do not impose decisions; instead, they help people craft solutions that will work for both of them.  

Why is mediation becoming so popular in Rhode Island?

The Rhode Island Family Courts are filled with couples going through a highly stressful and emotionally draining  process. Add to that the economic strain they must endure and it is no wonder so many Rhode Island residents contact us asking for help. Thankfully, many contact us before they enter into an agreement with a divorce attorney.


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What does the Mediator do?

The mediator's job is to help you and your spouse reach mutually agreed upon items  that  each other and reach an agreement. The mediator will remain neutral, and he or she is not allowed to give you legal advice or favor one spouse's preferences over the other. Usually, a mediator will let you and your spouse discuss an issue and make suggestions on how a compromise might or might not work.

How long does Divorce Mediation take in Rhode Island?

The type of mediation we're talking about here is voluntary mediation, that is, you and your spouse agree to mediate the terms of your divorce. Voluntary mediation lasts as long as you and your spouse want it to last; you're under no legal obligation to continue with the mediation if, for example, you feel that your spouse is not negotiating fairly.

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